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Solicitation & Prostitution Charges

DC Solicitation an Prostitution ChargesWashington, DC Solicitation Charges

As a Washington, DC Solicitation charges lawyer, I often hear the same two stories from the many different people who call my office.  The first involves a sting operation conducted by the DC Metropolitan Police Department.  Normally two female police officers dressed as prostitutes approach a car and start talking to the driver and the passengers.  Even if the occupants had no interest in soliciting a prostitute, the undercover cops get someone to agree on a price for sex and then before you know it, you are swarmed by police and sitting in the back of a van with other people arrested on DC solicitation charges.

The second version of a solicitation arrest involves someone looking on the Internet for escorts.  He calls the number in the ad and is told to come a hotel.  When he gets there, the undercover gets him to agree to a price for sex and then signals the arrest team.  Before he knows it, he is sitting in the back of a van again.

Under Washington, DC law, solicitation of prostitution carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $500 for a first offense.   However, the real worry many people have is not the penalty, but rather the embarrassment associated with this type of charge, the possibility of a spouse or girlfriend finding out, and possible employment consequences.   This why you should discuss these concerns with your lawyer so that he can work with you to minimize these risks and help you avoid having a conviction for solicitation on your record. There are many options for someone in this unfortunate position so it is important to realize that your life is not over because of one mistake.

Washington, DC Prostitution Charges

These days the police will go to great lengths and expense to catch people working as prostitutes or escorts in Washington, DC.  There are vice detectives who spend their time responding to ads for escorts, and arranging for a meeting.  The officer will show up and try to get the suspect to agree to a price for sex.   If they are successful, and many times even if they are not, they will signal for the arrest team.

While some think is easier to just take a quick plea, this is not always the right thing to do.  Once you have conviction for prostitution, you set yourself up for future convictions that can require jail time.  You can also find yourself in trouble if you are on probation or parole on previous offenses.  It is important to speak with a lawyer who will take these cases to trial if necessary.  Always remember than an arrest is not a conviction.

If you have been arrested on a Washington, DC Solicitation or Prostitution charge, please contact my office for a free confidential consultation.